Greif Inc. Visits IPNM Plant

Greif Inc. Visits IPNM Plant Greif is a world leader in industrial packaging products and services. It produces steel, plastic, fibre, flexible and corrugated containers, packaging accessories and containerboard, and provide blending, filling and packaging services for a wide range of industries. It has more than 200 operating locations in more than 40 countries. BLVL is a Joint Venture, where Balmer Lawrie and Greif have equal stake of 47.91%. In India, BLVL is engaged in manufacturing of Plastic Drums and Drum Accessories such as Closures, Locking Rings etc. Apart from serving the domestic market, it caters to Greif locations across the world. A delegation comprising Mr. Peter G. Watson- President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Michael Cronin - Senior Vice President and Group President, RIPS, Mr. Reiner Hietink - VP Global Key Accounts, Greif, RIPS and Mr. Larry A. Hilsheimer - Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer was visiting India in November. During this trip, they visited Balmer Lawrie HO at Kolkata to meet up with the leadership team of Balmer Lawrie. The Grief team also visited Asaoti and Navi Mumbai IP plants.

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