IP Chittoor

Industrial Packaging plant at Chittoor, Industrial Packaging plant at Chittoor, Steel barrels being manufactured at IP Chittoor

Year established: 2010
Products made: MS DRUMS – 210L
Capacity/throughput: 6,50,000/- barrels per annum
Key customer segments: Fruit Barrels Internally painted
Main customers: M/s. Jain Irrigations,
M/s. Mother Dairy,
M/s. Mangal Indsutries,
M/s. Foods & Inns
M/s. Keventer
Certifications available: ISO 9001:2008
ISO 14001:2004
Significant milestones: 2014-15 achieved 1.00 lakh barrels in a month
2015-16 achieved 1.13 lakh barrels in a month
2016-17 achieved 1.23 lakh barrels in a month
2017-18 targated 1.50 lakh barrels in a month
Awards: SBU -IP Best Unit Award for the year 2014-15
CSR/Green initiatives: 2015-16 toilet renovation in primary school at agarampalli
2016-17 SwachH bharath competition in 3 schools
Plantations and maintenance of greenery in inside and out side the plant.
USP:  IP-Chittoor has women working in the manufacturing unit and this is something that the plant prides on. Also, around 150 rural families have benefitted from this plant because of the job opportunities created.
Significant Achievements Division launched 2 new products in the year 2016-17
- NeckIN drum
- 1.00 mtr internal height OH tall drum


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