High Throughput Plant at Taloja, Navi Mumbai


Year established: 2014
Products made: Tight/Open head,Lacquer/Necked in /tall barrels
Capacity/throughput: 4896 barrels/shift
Key customer segments: Lube oil,transformer oil,chemical,food,Flavours & fragrances
Main customers: Shell,Castrol,Apar,Savitha,Amul,Eternis,Jain irrigation,BASF,Henkel etc
Certifications available: IMS certified, Going in for TFS certification  and IGBC
Significant milestones: Tall drum/Necked in (New product development)/Exports to Srilanka
Awards: NAMC (National awards for Manufacturing Competitiveness) Gold award by IRIM.
CSR/Green initiatives: 1. Zero effluent discharge plant
2. Usage of PNG as a fuel for all the baking ovens reduces the carbon emissions by 600 MT per year.
3. The plant is designed to operate on a zero discharge basis. The plant has the most modern dry filter paint booth with zero liquid discharge and no water, air and soil contamination. 
4. The manufacturing process uses 100 % DOS-A steel which is super clean and defect free where in no further degreasing is required, thereby saving 500 kL water per month.
5. Rain-water harvesting capacity of 352 cubic meters (for 20 minutes rain fall) is available at the plant.
6. The plant has installed a solar plant of 160 KWp capacity thus offsetting 200 MT of Co2 per year.
USP: 1. High throughput Plant,
2. 100 % barrels are tested in Helium leak detector for entire surface area of the barrel.
3. The loading of barrels into the trucks is automated through telescopic conveyor.
Significant Achievements:  Exports to Srilanka/Lacquer barrel supplies to food/fragrance segment

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