Conical Drums

Conical drums are specially developed to satisfy requirements of Food/ Fruits industry. Manufactured from cold rolled closed annealed steel (CRCA), these drums acquire shape through expansion (Plastic Deformation of Metal). This neatly improves the strength of the drum and its mechanical characteristics.
Conical drums are internally coated and externally painted and are available in 210 ltrs, Suitable for filling of 225kg packed aseptic bag.
Due to its structure and dimensions, a conical drum allows exceptional efficiency during transportation and storage. Overall external diameter of the drum makes it possible to store 4 drums in line that suits stuffing of 80 drums in a 20 ft. shipping container. It is also possible to transport up to 1368 empty drums in a 40 ft. Container. Once filled, drums can be stacked 3 to 4 high with the pallets. Conical drums may be returned and reused.

  • Drums are manufactured from the highest quality CRCA steel at the most modern plants.
  • Drums meet Indian and international shipping specifications
  • Balmer Lawrie procures all the raw materials including steel, seaming compounds, closures and paint from reputed suppliers.
  • Reduces cost of transportation and storage due to conical shape, allowing them to nest in.
  • Reduced storage space.
  • Perfect palletization and containerization.
  • Reduced cost of returning the drums by end users since the drums can be nested.
  • Epoxy phenolic inside lining/ food grade internally painted, in accordance with FDA standards.
  • Special high quality paints are used for a good quality finish for the drums. High quality customized screen printing is also available to create customer branding.
  • Drums are wrapped with corrugated paper/stretch wrap/bubble wrap to avoid transit damage.
  • Non-toxic polish added to the paint, specially recommended by tomato paste packaged in aseptic bags.
  • Galvanized metallic ring with adjustable lever and security seal to improve the quality.

  • Agricultural products
  • Food products in liquid and viscous state
  • Fruits and vegetable pulps (in conjunction with aseptic bags)
  • Concentrated liquids and other similar products
  • Aseptic bag packaging of tomato paste, mango pulp and all other variants of food pulp
Product specifications and diagram: Click here

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