Necked-in Drums

Necked-in drums are specially designed for exports in a shipping container. This innovative design is globally accepted. This packaging allows easy filling and removal of contents. For this, top lid shall be secured to the barrels by a G.I. locking ring and clamped with the help of 100mm long G.I.Bolt & Nut and / or Clamp type G.I. Ring. G.I. locking shall be fabricated from 1.25mm to 1.6mm thick steel.
We offer Necked-in Drums right from 0.80mm thickness to 1.25mm thickness. They are also available on combination of various steel thickness.
We can provide drums with UN Certification of any category.
  • Drums are manufactured from the highest quality CRCA steel at the most modern plants.
  • Special high quality paints are used for a good quality finish for the drums. High quality customized screen printing is also available to create customer branding.
  • Triple seam in the drums gives extra strength.
  • Provision of W-bead and corrugation allows enhanced stackability
  • Drums meet Indian and international shipping specifications. 80 necked in drums can fit in a 20ft container along with pallets.
  • Internally cleaned drums for chemical companies and other segments.
  • Balmer Lawrie procures all the raw materials including steel, seaming compounds, closures and paint from reputed suppliers.
  • Provision of UN Certification for hazardous products.
  • Gaskets are offered depending on product compatibility.
  • Provision of tag-rings and cap-seals allows increased pilfer-proofness.
  • Drums are wrapped with corrugated paper/stretch wrap/bubble wrap to avoid transit damage.
  • Special internal lining of lacquer or paint as per product needs
Product Specifications and diagram: Click here.

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