Steel drums are the most widely used and extremely safe packaging for the transport of dangerous goods.
Our product range in the Industrial packing domain consists of:
  • Plain Steel Drums (Tight Head & Open Head)
  • Lacquer Lined Drums (Tight Head & Open Head)
  • Composite Drums
  • Galvanized Drums
  • Conical Drums
  • Internally Painted Drums
  • Necked in drums
  • Tall drums (Tight Head and Open Head)
These drums are manufactured in a range of various thickness / configurations to suit different type of products (solid and liquid), type of filling (cold and hot), stackability (conical and cylindrical) etc.
Product Attributes
  • UN Certified barrels
  • Highest performance with consistent raw material and products
  • Special high quality paint is used which provides a superior finish
  • Customer branding on drums gives it a customized touch
  • Unique 7 Layered Profile of seam
  • ISI Marked Drums
  • Perfectly fit into ISO transport containers: 4 in a row; 80 drums in a 20 feet container
  • Sole supplier of Drums to the Indian army
  • ISO / DNV Certified
  • Customer Partnership Certificate from various corporate entities
  • DGQA Certified for all plants to meet Defence requirements
Special purpose equipment for high quality manufacturing
  • Special helium leak detector to ensure 100% leak proof barrels
  • Arplas Resistance Welding Machine for high throughput and precision seam welding of body shells
  • State-of-the-Art oven for paint baking
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